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4 Ways That You Can Wear a Polo Shirt

4 Ways That You Can Wear a Polo Shirt

A polo shirt is quintessential for a man’s wardrobe. What used to be a tennis uniform in the 1920s has now become a versatile clothing option for men around the world. Polo shirt has created a unique position for itself because this one top can be worn in completely different styles and still look great. It is like having the benefit of many shirts from just one. The key is to pair a polo shirt properly. Here are 4 ways that you can wear a polo shirt.


1. With Shorts


Shorts and polo shirts are a match made in heaven and that's exactly how you would feel wearing them on a hot summer day. One of the timeless looks for summer lunch, this look can be paired with your loafers in leather or suede.



 2. With a Blazer and Trouser


Polo shirts are considered versatile as they can go from being uber casual to casual formals with a simple styling change. Wear them with your chinos and a soft navy sports blazer for a cool played down formal look. A great look for dinner parties and informal events.



3. With Sweats


Nothing says comfort like a polo shirt and sweats. This look exudes a relaxed and vacay charm and is perfect for when you want to look great while being completely at ease. A great look for when you wish to travel or just run errands while looking stylish.


 4. With Chinos or Jeans


One of the most classic looks that never go wrong is a polo shirt with tight-fitted jeans or chinos. You can keep the shirt untucked or tucked in as you prefer and add a pair of loafers to complete the look. This is one of the easiest ways to style an outfit for a polo shirt.



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