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5 secrets of choosing the right t-shirt for you

5 secrets of choosing the right t-shirt for you


Man, woman or child, a t-shirt is a quintessential wardrobe essential that can be paired with many options to create a stylish look. For instance, you can never go wrong with a t-shirt and jeans. Keeping this in mind, we often grab a bunch of t-shirts with an outcome which may not be as appealing as imagined. You need to pay attention to these aspects of a t-shirt when picking out one the next time and you will see that they make a world of difference.


 1. Go for the perfect fit


The perfect fit is supposed to cling to your silhouette at certain places and accentuate just the right features. It should sit just right and most importantly you have to feel comfortable in it.


2.  Get the right colour


There are certain colours that can never go wrong. These classics include white and black, which are versatile while gray and navy enhance your body features. You can venture out for other colours as well but make sure that those colours don't clash with your skin tone.


3. Choose a good quality fabric


When it comes to fabric, don’t be fooled by the weight. Consider getting a 100% cotton, preferably Pima or Egyptian. You can also go for cotton blends such as cotton-polyester which are easy to maintain and don’t crease easily.


4. Accessorize properly


Add the perfect pair of trousers or jeans, a blazer for a semi-formal or casual evening event. A great pair of loafers with a t-shirt and chinos combo is like a match made in heaven.


5. Pick the perfect occasion


To nail the perfect t-shirt look, sometimes it's not what you are wearing but where you are wearing it. Choose a coloured t-shirt for a lunch date or party, pastels are great for beaches and dark colours for a formal event.



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